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Are you an entrepreneur, a policy maker or just a citizen curious about European Union? No matter who you are, finding your way along the complex, tiny details of European economies can be a hard task. Our dashboards offer intuitive tools to answer complex questions, helping you find the most profitable investment opportunities or simply satisfy your curiosity.


Putting together Eurostat and Comtrade we offer you the possibility of exploring a massive dataset rich of details on international trade and national macroeconomic indicators.


Thanks to our background as Researchers and Data Scientists we apply the most recent literature on economic complexity to answer your questions.


With FNAlab, we can show you the results of our analysis in the most efficient way possible. Forget exploding tables and infinite texts. Think networks.

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  • Citizens and journalists
  • Investors
  • Policy makers

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Trade Competitiveness

Ready for an interactive tour of European trade? Our dashboard displays UN Comtrade data as a network where nodes are countries and products and links are export flows. The size of countries is proportional to their fitness, while the size of products is related to their economic complexity. The thickness of links shows the advantage of a country in the export of a product. Ready to go?

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